• Is it working in the United States?

    Yes. Proxy-Anywehre works in the United States. We have customers in almost any country in the world in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and America. Signup today!

  • Can I try it for free before I pay?

    Sure! You can try Proxy-Anywhere for free just to make sure that this service can really do what you need. In order to use our free trial, you just need to click on the try now link. There is nothing to install and no edtails need to be given.

  • Do I need to install any software?

    No. With Proxy-Anywhere you do not need to install anything. In order for you to have the easiest browsing experience, we have already installed everything on our servers! You don't need to install anything!

  • Can I use this service to connect to Youtube as well?

    Yes! Proxy-Anywhere works great with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and any other website.

  • Do you accept all credit cards?

    Yes! We accept all credit cards, as well as Paypal for users that prefer that. We will add more payment options soon.

  • Are you related to Facebook in any way?

    No! We do not know anyone is Facebook, they are not paying us and we do not pay them. All we do is frovide networking services that allow internet users to proxy Facebook.

  • Can you help me recover my Facebook password?

    Absolutely not. We do not have this ability, if you need to recover your Facebook password, please go to http://www.facebook.com/reset.php and follow the procedure on that page. We do have the ability to help you access Facebook proxy in case you can't do that.

  • How can I cancel my Facebook Proxy subscription?

    Just send us an email and we will do that for you. There are no additional fees on canceling an account and no cancellation charges.

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